• Design Certification of plant and PV Components
  • IECRE certification of PV power plants according standards and regulations.
  • PV inverters
  • Testing and certification of PV inverters according Safety and EMC standards.
  • High Voltage Installations
  • Certification of HV installations according safety standards.
  • Certification of Solar trackers
  • Testing and certification of solar trackers according design, safety and EMC standards.
  • Certification of PV modules
  • Certification of quality systems of PV modules manufacturers.

Power generating units and Power generation system

  • Evaluation of critical equipment
  • Design Evaluation
  • Installation Evaluation
  • Commissioning evaluation
  • Evaluation of field tests

Conditional Certificate

Annual PV plant Performance certificate

PV systems Performance evaluation

Evaluation of equipment

  • PV modules
  • PV inverters
  • PV solar trackers

  • All of this components and the quality systems of the manufacturer shall be certified in accordance with international standards and specific OD of IECRE

    Design Evaluation

  • Evaluation of PV system array configuration
  • Evaluation of compliance with electrical installation standard (IEC 60364).
  • Evaluation of mechanical design
  • Evaluation of electrical design
  • Evaluation of safety issues
  • Evaluation of installation
  • Commissioning evaluation

  • Inspection of DC system
    • Protection against electrical shock.
    • Protection against the effects of insulation faults.
    • Protection against overcurrent, bonding arrangements, lighting and overvoltage.
  • Inspection of AC system
  • Inspection of testing
    • Continuity of protective earthing and equipotential bonding conductors
    • Polarity tests
    • PV string tests: combiner box, open circuit voltage, IV curve and current measurement
    • Functional tests
    • PV array insulation resistance test and infrared camera
  • O&M evaluation

    Evaluation of PV power plants maintenance and operation

    Output power evaluation

  • Evaluation of output power measurement
  • Evaluating the quality of the PV system performance
  • PV system performance evaluation

  • Evaluation of the next data in compare with the design data
    1. One-year in-plane irradiation, Hi, as described in IEC 61724-1 Ed. 2 in Table 10, Section 9.3 and Table 3, section 7 and as tabulated under the guidance of IEC 61724-3
    2. One-year Measured Active Output Energy, Eout, as defined in Table 3 and section 7.6 of IEC 61724-1 with data filtering and analysis guided by IEC 61724-3.
    3. Energy expected during observed system availability for the one-year test period, as defined in IEC 61724-3.
    4. Total (all-in) energy expected for the one-year test period, as defined in IEC 61724-3
    5. Predicted cost of planned O&M
    6. Output power measurement as described in IEC 61724-2 for specified reference conditions
    7. Energy expected during times of availability and during times of internally caused unavailability

  • Solar tracker Certification

    Certification of solar trackers according “IEC 62817, Photovoltaics system. Design Qualification of solar trackers.

    Visual Inspection
    Mechanical testing
    Solar tracker certificate
    Functional validation tests
    Environmental testing
    Accelerated mechanical testing
    Performance tests

    Electronic components certificate of Solar tracker

    PV module Certification

    IEC 61215

    Crystaline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules. Design qualification and type approval

    IEC 61730-1

    Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification
    Part 1: Requirements for construction

    IEC 61730-2

    Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification
    Part 2: Requirements for testing. Certification of PV modules manufacturers quality systems according

    IEC/TS 62941

    Terrestrial photovoltaic (pv) modules guidelines for increased confidence in pv module design qualification and type approval.

    IEC 62108

    Concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) modules and assemblies. Design qualification and type approval

    Grid Integration of PV and Wind Systems

    • Grid Integration Certification
    • Worldwide certification of grid regulations for the Low, Medium and High voltage requirements.


    • Wind Farm Life Extension Certification
    • procedure to certify the life cycle of Wind Farms.
    • Wind Turbine Retrofit Certification
    • procedure to certify the wind turbine retrofit in conformity with design requirements.


    • Design Certification
    • Certification of the design according standards and specifications.