Photovoltaic self-consumption component projects. RD244 Zero injection for inverters and other generation units

CERE has certified already more than 15 different self-consumption systems, photovoltaic and non-photovoltaic applications and always for the Spanish regulation. For all these solutions, the testing processes have been performed either on CERE’s Laboratory, external laboratories, and Client’s facilities.

The photovoltaic self-consumption projects are based on both the new Real Decreto 244/2019 and UNE 217001 standards. The main objective of this type of projects is to achieve a zero-injection system, form by an inverter, a control manager, and a power analyser, that produces its own energy and prevents the electrical grid from any waveform injection that does not comply with the quality requirements of the Spanish electrical code. In the process, it is necessary to perform different steady state and load fluctuations tests by CERE’s Testing Team.

We had work in different areas of self-consumption projects for: PV installations, Cutting systems, Turbines…

We collaborate with the different device’s manufacturers of the self-consumption system to understand and validate the functionality of these devices (inverters, wattmeter, control, communications between them…).

We had issued more than 30 accredited report for the compliance of Real Decreto 244/2019, and most of them are PV systems. But also, we had collaborated with a public Spanish entity to certify projects based on non-PV technologies as, water turbines installed on the water supply system of Madrid, Spain, or cutting systems for diesel pumping devices and other systems considered in the RD 244 but non-PV systems.