Certification of a 2,5MVA central inverter for the new European Regulation EU-2016/631.

Due to the update of the network codes in Europe, the client presented the need to update the already existing approvals of his product, for the new regulation and including the entire family of inverters on the certificate update process.

CERE has provided a solution to obtain the different certificates together, optimizing the clients testing time and consequently, the economical effort. This has achieved through a previous work optimizing a customized test plan for the project which involved the unification of testing criteria and requirements between the different international standards produces, with the result of an economic saving of 30% on price, and 50% on testing time.

The full project requested the update of several international grid code standards, which have been updated with the new European regulation:

  • Italy: CEI 016 & CEI 021, Allegato A68
  • European Grid Code: EN 50549
  • UK: G99
  • Spain: NTS631
  • Germany VDE 4105, VDE 4110, VDE 4120

Considering in the customized test plan and during the test all country deviations, to fulfil all the individual requirements.

In this case, the client obtained individual test reports and certificates in a whole period of four months since the approval of the offer.