Antonio Díaz

Antonio Díaz Position: Technical Manager

Technical Manager of testing laboratory.

Project manager of certification projects.

Inspector for PV systems and Power generating units.

Field of Expertise: Safety Compliance concerning E&E (Electrical and Electronic) devices.


  • Since 2018 - Technical Manager
  • 2015-2018 - Team Leader of the Medical Devices
  • 2010-2015 - Testing Engineer in E&E laboratory and Medical Devices Laboratory

Education Level

  • Latest - Electrical Engineering Degree


    Nowadays, and for the last 2 years, Antonio has been working in CERE as Technical Manager of the testing laboratory in terms of safety compliance. On his background, he has collaborated on different solar inverter testing and certification projects, working with more than 10 different manufacturers.During these years, he has also been working on the accreditation processes for several electric testing fields, as an strategic plan to increase the fields and scopes of CERE as testing laboratory and Certification body, and always related with E&E (Electrical and Electronic) devices, high power electronics and electrical safety. This fields are mainly medical devices, electric vehicle supply equipment, industrial machinery, IT equipment and household appliances.These new field involve some business support mainly in exhibitions. In the commercial area, apart from attending Clients and incoming projects during the quotation stage, he has visited and attended MEDICA Exhibition in Germany since his incorporation to CERE's team.

    Previously and before joining CERE, he worked in Electric Testing Laboratory of SGS for 7 years. He started as a student, after the first year he became the Team Leader of the Medical Devices section of the E&E testing laboratory. Responsible of the management of all the medical devices projects, including technical and commercial meetings with the clients, monitoring of the complete projects, technical revisor of the finished projects and performing electric tests, participating in more than 50 medical devices projects, especially in X-Ray equipment. Also, he has participated in more than 10 different audits, according to different accreditation schemes (ILAC, IECEE and OSHA). In addition, he has performed technical courses to different clients and factory inspections.

    Antonio's field of expertise can be considered the safety compliance concerning E&E equipment. The applicability of this knowledge is providing CERE a huge support in the renewable energies area and also driving CERE to expand its business through a wide range of sectors and countries.


    • Bachelor Electrical Engineering in Polytechnical University of Madrid, Spain.