Sergio Alonso Hernández

Sergio Alonso Hernández Position: Project Engineer

Calibration maintenace of the Laboratories.

Testing Engineer on field and on testing laboratory either Clients facilities and CERE's Laboratory.

Clients support before, during and after the projects

Full project attendance since the acceptance of the offer until the issuance of the Reports/Certificate

Follow up of project payment milestones


  • Since 2020 - Project Engineer at CERE
  • 2016-2020 - Calibration Engineer at A1 Servicios Integrales para la Industria
  • Previously - several years experiency in industry field

Education Level

  • Latest - Master's Degree in Energy Efficiency
  • Previous - Electrical Engineering Degree
  • Previous - Technician at higher level education at Automation and Robotics


    Recently joined the Cere team in 2020 as a project engineer. He aims to become responsible for calibrations as his experience and knowledge in quality systems and calculation of uncertainties are very useful for this particular role. He’s being trained in testing and certification protocols on the fields of safety and grid connection standards for either local laboratory and on site testing.

    A main task developed is to verify that the instrumentation is suitable for meeting the requirements of the applicable regulations in the tests, certifications and inspections that we carry out at CERE. For this, it manages the calibrations with external calibration laboratories, carried out periodically, and analyses if the results are adequate.Sergio is in permanent contact with the best laboratories and manufacturers in Europe to guarantee that CERE instrumentation provides the results that our clients expect.He has extensive experience in ISO / IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratories, where the requirements of the quality management system are very strict and reliable.

    Before joining our team, he was working for 3 years at A1 Servicios Integrales para la Industria as an instrumentation calibration technician in sectors as strategic as the aeronautical, automotive, pharmacy, chemical, food, defence minister, logistics industries, among others.He was part of the temperature, pressure and humidity department, acquiring great knowledge on qualification and characterization of isothermal media and climatic chambers, as well as psychometry.Among the instrumentation and facilities in which he is an expert are 0-10V / 4-20mA transmitters, temperature sensors (PT100, NTC, thermocouples, temperature recorders), humidity sensors (hygrometers, cold mirror, etc.), stoves, incubators, ovens, refrigerators, air-conditioned rooms and warehouses. All done with ENAC traceability.

    Previously, he developed various jobs in where he learned the management of teams and people, such as Area Manager at Take Eat Easy (Delivery sector) or FML Ingeniería with clients such as Iberdrola or Unión Fenosa in airline modification Projects.


    • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain.
    • Master's Degree in Energy Efficiency at the Miguel Hernández University.
    • Certificate of Higher Education in Automation and Industrial Robotics.