Miguel Martínez

Miguel Martínez Position: General Manager

Co-founder and General Manager of CERE. Participation and Supervision of all departments of the company and team management (Human resources, quality control, business management & strategy, testing, inspection, simulation and certification processes, financial department). Head and responsible of CERE's management committee for horizon one, two and three in terms of strategy and investment.Standardization activities at national, European and international level for wind, PV and grid connection. Assessment of testing laboratories and certification bodies as technical and leading assessor for international and national schemes.


  • Since 2015 - General Manager and Certification Manager at CERE
  • 2011-2015 - Cetification Manager at SGS
  • 2006-2011 - Testing Engineer Grid Code and EMC in AT4 wirles and CERE

Education Level

  • Latest - PhD Renewable Energies
  • Previous - Degree in Electronic Physics


    In 2015 Miguel Martinez founded the company Certification Entity for Renewable Energies S.L. (CERE) with two more privet investors.

    Nowadays, and for the last 5 years, apart from being Co-founder, he has been CEREs General Manager with Certification Manager duties during the first years of the company foundation. During these years, he has been monitoring the accreditation processes with the different accreditation schemes for over 75 different country requirements worldwide, involving EMC, Safety, grid code requirements, environmental requirements and grid quality requirements.

    Previously and before joining CERE, he was the certification manager for renewable energies in SGS, juggling his work with his position of reviewer for IECEE scheme and expert for renewable energies for the IEC Scheme. During the period working in SGS, He’s been associate professor of SEK university for physics and Maths.Before SGS, in his professional career, worked as technician and later on as technical salesperson in AT4 Wireless. This company is a testing laboratory specialized in EMC testing for telecommunication systems.During his professional life he participate in projects of more than 10GW for different products and country requirements.

    Due to his interest in the Renewable energy field and high-power electronics, in 2010 he started participating in the standardization work groups related to these fields. Now adays, he has already actively participated in the following Technical Committees and Working Groups: TC 82 (PV); PT 62920 (EMC standard for power converters), availability, PT 62910 (LVRT) and reliability, T 88(WE); PT 61400-7, PT 61400-40 and PT 61400-21, TC 8X; WG 03 (grid requirements for generating systems), SC8A; AHG 1 (grid code assessment) and AHG2 (availability), TC 77 and CISPR. At national level he works into LVRT requirements for Spain (P.O.12.3 and PO12.2) and TC 114.Due to this experience, and the active participation in the IEC Scheme, he become the convenor iof the Working Group WG 401 of “IEC Renewable Energies, IECRE”, leading the group who impulse the creation of IECRE certification scheme for PV power plants, with the personal duties of developing the rules of procedure for this certification scheme.Actually, he is one of the expert assessor for IECEE scheme through ISO 17025 for Photovoltaic category: PV modules and inverters, Technical Expert of National accreditation body for laboratory assessment of renewable energies labs and Lead Assessor of IECEE scheme through ISO 17065 for Certification bodies.

    On the present days, he is Associate professor of the Master Degree for Renewable Energies of Madrid Polytechnical & Engineering University (EUITI).


    • Finishing PhD in Electrical engineer dedicated to Grid Integration of Renewable Energies.
    • Degree in Physics Sciences (Autonoma University of Madrid). Technical field of Electronic Physic.