María José García

María José García Position: Quality Manager

Implementation and maintenance of the Quality System

Internal Auditing

Coordination of external Audits


  • Since 2020 - Quality Manager at CERE
  • 2005-2020 - CEO and Cofunder at Ingeniería y Consultoría Eléctrica S.L.

Education Level

  • Latest - Degree in Electrical Engineering


    Before joining CERE, she Cofounded Ingeniería y Consultoría Eléctrica S.L., being the CEO over a period of 15 years. Working mainly as a Chief Auditor and technical expert for National entities such as ENAC regarding the areas of electrical safety in the following sectors: utilities, railways, industry and telecommunications and providing advisory services for private companies. She has been acquiring knowledge in the following quality standards: ISO 17020, ISO 17025, ISO 17065. Furthermore, she has developed her skills as a chief auditor and technical auditor, also cultivating knowledge as a technical expert of industrial and security inspections. In addition, she has also developed a knowhow in regards of electrical vehicles, courses also in precision testing and uncertainty testing.ICE has collaborated in the implementation of quality standards such as 9001 and participated in installation projects in medium and low voltage. For more than 15 years she has been working alongside ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación). Firstly, as a technical auditor specialised in the following areas: electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and electrical measurements. Then, increased her qualifications as technical auditor working for certification bodies of electrical products. During that period, she also audited quality management systems.

    She started her professional career at ASINEL (Asociación Industrial de Ingeniería Eléctrica), working in the technical development of measurements of electrical parameters in installations of low, medium and high voltage for UNESA Investigation Projects. In addition, she oversaw setting up the EMC laboratory at ASINEL. Finally ended her stage at the mentioned entity as Manager of the testing department regarding electrical security and EMC. Having taken part in national projects regarding the areas of investigation in the electrical field. Moreover, she has participated in developing her skills in the measurements of high, medium and low voltage in utility and high-speed railway substations. She was also in charge of the different standardization working groups for national entities. It needs to be mentioned not only her abilities in managing a team but also her technical expertise with respect to protection systems and power supply quality.

    During her working live she has attended courses in the following domains:

    • Quality measurements
    • Electrical Disturbances
    • Fibre Optic equipment calibration
    • Electrical vehicles
    • Electrical efficiency
    • Uncertainty estimation and calculation
    • Number of chief auditor and technician courses


    • Degree in Electrical Engineering at The Polytechnical University of Madrid (ETSII, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales)