Marcos Bragado

Marcos Bragado Position: Project Engineer

Testing Engineer on field and on testing laboratory either Clients facilities and CERE's Laboratory.

Certification Engineer

Clients support before, during and after the projects

Full project attendance since the acceptance of the offer until the issuance of the Reports/Certificate

Follow up of project payment milestones


  • Since 2017 - Project Engineer
  • 2016-2017 - Advisory Engineer

Education Level

  • Latest - Electrical Engineering Degree


    Nowadays, and for the last 3 years, he’s been working in CERE as Testing and Project Engineer. He works in different areas of the company, such as: certification and testing of PV converters and PPCs, FAT inspections, factory inspections. Also, on the field of full installation and power plants, inspection and testing of renewable energies power units and full systems.

    Previously and before joining CERE, he worked at Astrom Technical Advisors (ATA) as part of the Consulting and Advisory Department, for a period of 1 year. During this period, he has participated in analysis of PV plant technical reports as environmental, geotechnical, social, electrical, mechanical reports on the stage of greenfield and operation, failure, availability PAC and FAC reports during the stage of brownfield, life extension analysis, repowering, performance studies of PV plants mainly with PV Syst, evaluation of documentation and requirements for commissioning of PV plants and general advice for photovoltaic technology. In general terms risk analysis for Technical Due Diligences (TDD) adapted to the Client Type.

    In terms of Clients, he participated advising either the financial institutions in CAPEX and OPEX TDD, and as a part of the Developer team, working on the TDD to understand possible risk before getting the projects into the financial evaluation

    Specifically, he has focused his career at CERE on conducting electrical tests of converters and PV complex facilities, having experience in network codes, safety and EMC standards, and trackers. Also, outside of the Renewable Energies field, he has participated in several projects for compliance according aeronautical regulations.In addition to that, he has become an important part of the CERE testing staff, collaborating in the creation of CERE’s laboratory and conducting the electrical tests carried out at CERE facilities.

    Nowadays, he is in charge of review the inspection and certification of PV and Wind plants, as well as the review of testing process and documents for several national standards and feasibility analysis of complex facilities and PV solutions intended to be tested.


    • Degree in Electrical Engineering at University of Madrid, Spain.