Javier Montenegro

Javier Montenegro Position: Project Engineer

Testing Engineer on field and on testing laboratory either Clients facilities and CERE's Laboratory.

Certification Engineer

Clients support before, during and after the projects

Full project attendance since the acceptance of the offer until the issuance of the Reports/Certificate

Follow up of project payment milestones


  • Since 2018 - Project engineer at CERE
  • 2015-2018 - Owner of own business
  • 2006-2015 - Project Engineer at SGS

Education Level

  • Latest - Technical college degree in electrotechnical installations


    Today, and for the last 2 years, Javier has been working at CERE as a project engineer in terms of safety compliance.

    In his experience, he has collaborated in different testing and certification projects mainly related with renewable energies but in total covering the following fields: Electric and electronics components, industrial machinery, computer equipment, medical devices and household appliances, being the key account manager (KAM) for over 15 different manufacturers.

    Previously and before joining CERE, he worked at SGS Electrical Testing Laboratory for 9 years. He started as a Jr engineer, becoming an expert in the safety part of household appliances and industrial components

    Also, for a period of 2 years, he was the owner of a small bookstore, acting as an entrepreneur and managing his own business, being able to fulfil one of his dreams.

    Javier’s field of expertise can be considered the safety compliance concerning E&E equipment. The applicability of this knowledge is providing CERE a huge support in the renewable energies area and driving CERE to expand its business through a wide range of sectors and countries.


    • Technical college degree in electrotechnical installations.