Daniel Avilés

Daniel Avilés Position: Technical Manager

Company’s daily operations

Reporting to the CEO and management commitee

Part of the direction committee


  • Since 2018 - Chief Operating Officer
  • 2016-2018 - Project manager
  • 2013-2016 - Project engineer

Education Level

  • Latest - Bachelor Electrical Engineering


    Daniel is Chief Operating Officer at CERE, he is responsible for the company’s daily operations, routinely reports to the CEO and as part of the direction committee he participates in decision-making process regarding the company’s future strategies. In addition to this, thanks to his vast experience, he provides technical guidance to the team. Apart of the daily duties, he closely cooperates with the business development department for the horizons one, two and three planification.

    Previously to the COO position he worked at CERE as a project manager, leading EMC, electrical safety and grid code projects. He was one of the first’s technicians at CERE and his work was an important contribution to the company’s great success during its early years.

    Before CERE, he worked for 3 years as project engineer in the electric laboratory at SGS Madrid. During those years, he managed EMC projects on different types of equipment and carried out safety, grid code and EMC tests on PV inverters and converters in general.

    At the beginning of his engineer working life, Daniel joined SGS Electric laboratory through an internship. He started his training within the electrical laboratory and learned the principles of a certification process.

    Education Level

    • Bachelor Electrical Engineering in Polytechnical University of Madrid, Spain.
    • Studying business administration and management bachelor in the Spanish distance university.

    Not only he performs his daily tasks, but he also translates IEC standards into Spanish versions for Aenor (Spanish Standardization Society) and he participates as a vocal member in the national technical committee CTN 208/SC 77-210 “Electromagnetic disturbances (EMC) - conducted disturbances