Carla Brunetti

Carla Brunetti Position: Product Responsible (Trackers)

Participation in all stages of the tracker’s projects, starting in the pre-quotation support to the clients, quotation stage, project attendance and payment milestones supervision.

Support and advisory on the business strategy concerning trackers to the management positions.


  • Since 2017 - Product Responsible (Trackers) at CERE
  • 2014-2017 - Project Manager for electrical substations and transmission lines (MV-HV-EHV) construction

Education Level

  • Latest - Master’s degree in Renewable Energies
  • Previous -Degree in Civil Engineering


    For the last three years, Carla has been working in CERE as Product Responsible and Project Manager. She works in different areas of the company, such as: certification and testing of trackers and its components, FAT inspections, factory inspections and PV plant inspections. She oversees the department of testing and certification of Trackers at CERE.

    She’s been a key person to develop the testing and certification of trackers department, process that has become more important for the manufacturers and PV plant developers all over the world. Manufacturers from Spain, Italy, France and South Africa are requiring this certification for trackers and/or components to give an extra recognition to their product and not only to be used in PV plants within the EU, but also in South America and USA.

    Carla is leading the trackers department participating in projects for: testing and certification of single axis trackers, control tracker units, slew drives and linear actuators. Characterization of trackers due flutter and galloping effects. Also, as the leading of the department, she participates in different committees and webinars related to trackers development and is in charge of training her colleagues on trackers regulations.

    She has recently participated in the most recent CERE’s audit for the inclusion of the latest and most required tracker IEC and UL standards helping CERE to be one of the most competitive companies on tracker certification in Europe

    Before CERE, she started her engineering work life in the General Electricity Company (CGE) part of Naturgy Group in Chile, where she worked as Project Manager for the construction of several electrical substations and transmission lines of high and medium voltage, to expand the central interconnected system (SIC) and connect PV plants to the northern electrical system (SING) of Chile.

    Initially she started in CERE while she was studying for her master’s degree


    • Degree in Civil Engineering at Universidad Diego Portales, Chile.
    • Master’s degree in Renewable Energies at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain.