Ana Isabel Martín

Ana Isabel Martín Position: Administrative assistant

Financial management of CERE


  • Since 2019 - Administrative assistant at CERE
  • 2005-2019 - REE (Spanish TSO), Popular Bank, Spain & Construction field Companies

Education Level

  • Latest - Technician at higher level education at Administration and Financial Degree


    Since 2019, Ana has held the position of Administrative assistant at CERE, providing the knowledge and experience gained over 14 years in this field.

    She has worked in many important companies as Popular bank, on REE and companies from construction fields, having held positions of responsibility in them.

    Throughout his professional career, she has participated in large projects, such as (taxes, invoices, payments in Popular Bank. Projects: PRM, PIA and FEDEX in REE, with the procedure of customers and suppliers, materials, etc) also assuming the skills inherent with the position of Team Manager, thanks to his knowledge in human resources and prevention of occupational risks.

    Leadership, dynamism, tenacity are outstanding qualities of Ana that complement her innate capacities for personal relationships, having made her an indispensable human value in all the work teams of which she has been a part.

    Specialized in the field of Administration, Tax Advice and Tax Law, as well as in Human Resources and Prevention of Occupational Risks; she has a solid and extensive academic background. She has completed many multidisciplinary courses as a complement to her training, asking her for a permanently updated knowledge.


    • Administrative in IES Virgen de la Paz, Madrid, España.
    • Workplace risk prevention for Deusto Formación, España.
    • Tax advice and tax law, for Imafe Formación, España.
    • Advanced Knowledges in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, etc)
    • Knowledges in SAP, Contaplus, Facturaplus, Bizagui, Prinex and Logic.