Zero Injection for full PV plants according RD244

This Project was requested to CERE in 2019 after the publication of the RD 244/2019. The client wanted to certify an 8 MVA PV power plant compound by 43 string inverters 185kVA, fixed rooftop PV panels and a couple of 15kV Transformers on the grid connection point.

Measurement point was in the primary side of the transformers.

The main obstacles faced during the project were, climatic conditions, as not every day nor every hour the radiation was the expected for the test. In addition, the dependence of PV generation and the testing process shouldn’t affect the normal consumption of the system and be as most effective economically as possible. Also, management of the loads, since the loads are a very important element for this test.

Finally, the project was successfully carried out in a period of 3 months since the approval of the offer and was the first installation of this characteristics certified for the RD244/2019 and approved by local electricity authorities in Spain.