On-site Services for Power Plants


For this type of services CERE is generally contact for carrying out electrical tests in energy production facilities to comply with different national or international standards, grid codes, safety compliance or technical assessment. On-demand tests adapting the client's needs to the circumstances of field testing.

Ability to adapt the tests to the different technical limitations that are generated when testing under uncontrolled conditions.

Specialized resources for each client, such as: Simulation of consumption in facilities, use of substation measurement transformers, conversion of magnitudes and connection or measurement points, as well as feasibility advice and improvements to the equipment tested by our staff.

Some of the site tests examples are:

  • Weather evaluation as radiation or wind speed
  • Electroluminescence and Thermo testing
  • Scope measurements
  • Ground impedance
  • Power evaluation (V,I,P,Q,S, PF,Hz)
  • HV test

CERE will adapt to the client and test in order to comply with the requested services, for example, adapting the testing time to the test procedure requirements in terms of radiation, not affecting the availability of the PV plant when possible, etcetera:

Day testing


Night testing


The most requested services for the technical assessment on renewable energy power plants at any operation stage are:

  • Evaluation of failures
  • On site inspection and testing
  • Testing in manufacturer’s facilities
  • Comparison with expected results
  • Analysis of product documentation (manufacturing processes, tracking, batch inspections, commissioning, performance and operation)
  • Conclusions of the assessment
  • Preventive actions for future problems