Electro Magnetic Compatibility EMC

Electromagnetic compatibility testing is the tool to ensure there are no interferences between different electronic equipment. CERE tests and certificates under EMC standards both for emission and immunity in order to comply with the European directives and international requirements.

CERE´s team has performed EMC tests on equipment as on-field wind turbines, solar inverters, medical devices, household, IT, etcetera.


The mains standards CERE used to test and/or certified:

  • Industrial environment: IEC 61000-6-2 and IEC 61000-6-4
  • Residential environment: IEC 61000-6-1 and IEC 61000-6-3
  • Solar inverters: IEC 62920
  • Industrial, scientific and medical equipment: CISPR 11
  • Grid quality: IEC 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-3, IEC 61000-3-11 and IEC 61000-3-12
  • Medical electrical equipment: IEC 60601-1-2

Samples of Onsite testing for PV inverters and PV inverter’s control boards