CERE History

CERE is an independent testing, simulation, certification and inspection body that was originally set up as a Certification Entity for Renewable Energies in 2015.

CERE attempts to be the access key on Client’s target countries for RE, where testing and certification for components, full installations certificates, modelling and software validation of renewable power plants and control units and technical assessment of any kind, are being required.

Nowadays, our services include technical assessment, inspection, testing simulation and certification according safety, EMC, grid quality, grid connection requirements, design certification and complete installations certificates. Also, electrical studies such grid code compliance, sizing of reactive power compensators, modelling development and validation, electromagnetic transient analysis and electrical simulation in general. This full process includes Inspection, Testing, Simulation and/or Certification of Components such as PV modules, converters, PV inverter, Wind inverters and turbines, battery storage systems, trackers, transformers, string boxes, combiner boxes and Mechanical, Electric and Electronics components in general, and the Certification for full Power Plants according particular country’s DSO/TSO requirements and finally, services according Client’s requests.

CERE also participates actively in Standardization activities at local and international level and Certification activities

The team has a large experience in Certification with more than 50 years’ experience in testing, simulation and certification for renewable energies, components and installations for worldwide grid integration standards, design, safety, EMC and grid quality among others.

During the lifetime of the company, CERE has inspected, evaluated and certified more than 5GW, distributed in over 200 Renewable Energy installations, with experience in every continent. Also has a large proven experience with worldwide manufacturers, mainly Europe and China for grid code validation.

Grid Integration Certification for more than 1GW: Certification of worldwide grid regulations for the Low, Medium and High voltage requirements of Power Generating Units mainly PV inverters and Converters.