PV tracker Solutions

Testing and Certification Solar tracker and components

European manufacturer has test and certificate satisfactorily a single axis tracker family and its components, according to the IEC 62817.

The testing process for the tracker was performed on his facilities and for the components all the testing process is performed in our laboratory. 

To complement this certification earth bonding test has been performed to the trackers to confirm the safety of the tracker during operation. 

Earth bonding on solar trackers for PV plants

Earth bonding is a general requirement on operative PV plants. A Client requested this service for more than 150 operating solar trackers, and the earth bonding has been measured on field as request of PV plant owner.

Flutter and Galloping behavior

The behavior of a Spanish tracker against the effects of flutter and galloping has been analyzed and certified. The tests have been successfully performed on a scale model of the tracker in a wind tunnel. The project itself took 4 months to be completed since the acceptance of the offer.

CE marking for solar tracker and components

CE Marking and verification is a common request for PV trackers manufacturers

Under request of the manufacturer for complying with the different directives associated with the CE marking for trackers and components, we have performed the testing and certification process of different standards that give conformity to the directives that apply to these products such as EMC standards, IEC 60204, IEC 62109, etc.

Environmental testing

Environmental testing is an important part of the type tests applicable for solar trackers. The E&E testing laboratory has already performed several successfully projects for European manufacturers, according to:

  • IEC 62817. Standard for solar trackers, incorporates several environmental tests to the different components which are part of such systems.