Simulation Model validation for PV inverter

Model validation of power generating unit is needed to comply with several grid codes; this requirement is becoming more and more common and it is requested in countries such as Spain, UK or Germany. In one of this type Projects, a photovoltaic converter is simulated in order to validate its model in accordance with local standard or grid code, for example the Spanish one, “NTS631: Norma Técnica de Supervisión de la conformidad de los módulos de generación de electricidad según el Reglamento UE 2016/631”. The validation of the model is performed comparing actual test measurements with the results of the simulations. The errors between measurements and simulation results are calculated once the comparison has been completed. As long as the errors are within the tolerance bands and do not exceed the allowable maximum errors, the model is considered correct and is validated.

We have worked in more than 20 different projects and more than 10 different customers, for the fulfilment of the abovementioned standards and requirements. Generally, for this kind of certification processes, the next functions shall be simulated and evaluated, comparing simulation results with the tested results.

  • LVRT
  • Frequency regulation by active power
  • Voltage regulation by reactive power
  • SCapability of Active and Reactive power
  • srv1