PV and Wind Power plant certification for PO 12.3 and harmonic study simulation to comply with Spanish grid code for a 1GW portfolio.

Plant certification for PO 12.3 and simulation report for harmonic study have been performed for a single Client, in a 1GW portfolio compound by photovoltaic and wind power plants. PO 12.3 certification is the actual requirement for the connection of a power plant to the Spanish grid, and the harmonics study performed by simulation processes is a TSO requirement which will also be required in a near future for the Spanish grid code PO 12.2.

PO 12.3 compliance, involves the capability to of the power plant to fulfil and comply with the fault ride-through local requirements. This compliance includes a site inspection in case of a PV plant.

For harmonics, a model simulation of the power plant up to the POI with the network is studied and analyzed to obtain a trustable reference of the grid quality compliance of the power plant based on the individual wind turbine/PV inverter harmonic distortion.


Although the project only required these abovementioned services, we have prepared the evaluation for the next project stage to be performed during 2020 over all the 1GW portfolio. We have evaluated the following requirements according new Spanish Regulation (NTS 631) for PV and Wind power plants:

  • Static evaluation of reactive power
  • Dynamic evaluation of reactive power
  • Voltage regulation according reactive power
  • Reactive Power and Power Factor regulations
  • Network/Grid Quality:
    • Harmonics
    • Flickers
    • Voltage Unbalances